Friday, February 23, 2018

Mueller Indicts Russians For 2016 Election Meddling. But It Hasn't Stopped.

As a " private organization " the DNC pretends that it is THE PARTY of the working class while representing very PRIVATE interests - congenial to " Wall St. Hillary ", " Hawk Hillary ", " Corrupt Hillary ". So in truth BOTH the Democratic and Republican parties represent the American plutocracy.

As PRIVATE political organizations they are legally free to betray " Democracy in America ". And they do this again and again.

Does the Israel lobby represent a " foreign power " ? Does the CIA never meddle in foreign elections ?
Did WE THE PEOPLE decide that the two party system is enshrined in the American Constitution ? So it is right that third parties on the right or on the left should forever be marginalized , get minimal attention in the mainstream news media - mostly PRIVATE ORGANIZATIONS ?

As Gore Vidal would say you might think that politics in America was all about protecting PRIVATE PROPERTY rights.

Soon SOCIALISM wil be censored as " hate speech "

Discussion on The Brown Daily Herald  

University releases statement regarding racist flyers  

Do these " ugly racist " pamphlets make any concrete threats ? Find the source . Do your homework, young college journalist elite. Where can I get a copy of this trash ? Can't the readers think for themselves about true or false racism, true or false anti-Semitism ?

     Should the NAACP and the Jewish Anti-Defamation League set the criteria for " hate speech " ?
The American tradition of FREE SPEECH is being sabotaged by GOOGLE , Face Book, You Tube . Soon " socialism " will be censored as deplorable " hate speech " - attacking that precious minority we call the ONE PERCENT , the RULING CLASS.

       The ILLIBERAL LIBERAL Democrats have become the enemies of free speech - even more than Trump's working class " deplorables ". Never in the past have campus newspapers been so timid, so lacking in radical audacity .

Brave the flu ! The TV GOOD DOCTOR is often just a quack

One Doctor On Why You Should 'Absolutely' Still Get Your Flu Shot

FOR PROFIT medicine in the USA is corrupt . With as much  honesty as a Kevin Trudeau Midnight infomercial the GOOD DOCTORS bully us to visit their offices : " SEE YOUR DOCTOR ! " for this or for that . So many make-a-buck charlatans. They can not quite sound like scientists or humanitarians - just professional , PUFFED UP hacks . Brave THE FLU !

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It was Hillary Clinton - not Vladimir Putin - who sabotaged the 2016 presidential election

Mueller Indicts Russians For 2016 Election Meddling. But It Hasn't Stopped.

One person who dared " muck with our elections " was Hillary Clinton.

 She and her DNC sabotaged the Bernie Sanders campaign in the interest of her Wall Street friends - who " meddle " in every U.S. election. Later at the Democratic National Convention Bernie Sanders supporters were smeared as having " a propensity for violence ".

Long before Vladimir Putin had a chance , Democracy in America was sabotaged by the ONE PERCENT , by the ruling class plutocracy.