Saturday, April 29, 2017

The quagmire of Afghanistan - the Russian experience there

The Pentagon Investigates Possible Friendly Fire Deaths In Afghanistan

Ron Ruggieri
After 15 years of a dirty New Colonialism war in Afghanistan the American Empire finds the country as much a Nemesis as it was for the former Soviet Union- which invaded Afghanistan in 1980 because it did not want a " reactionary " regime on its borders.

In 1991 the Stalinist Soviet Union collapsed- replaced by a pro-capitalist regime. Capitalism has failed miserably in Russia-just as in the USA : failed for all but the economic elite.

We have forgotten the lesson of Vietnam : " The Arrogance of Power ". You do not win hearts and minds with crimes against humanity. Again we are on " The Eve of Destruction "

There is no working class support in the United States for more war led by the Trump Junta-which is hardly on a higher moral level than Vladimir Putin's Russian oligarchy.

And yet the Democratic Party leaders are cheer leading for World War III !

Fabulous wealth from the Wall St. stock market will not be enjoyed in the nuclear ashes wasteland. I recall reading the book titled " Hiroshima " in 1968 . Who will get to read " Boston " in 2020 ?

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And now another Vietnam for the US !

Friday, April 28, 2017

My precious 21 year old " transgendered " niece was a victim of a surgeon with no conscience

Caitlyn Jenner: 'There Was Always This Woman That Lived Inside Of Me'

Ron Ruggieri

 I respect your efforts at intelligent, informed dialogue here. But how can modern feminism endorse this pseudo-scientific concept of what the pioneer feminist Betty Friedan called " THE FEMININE MYSTIQUE " ?

The PHYSICAL distinction between male and female - so fundamental in NATURE - does not imply a FEMININE soul.

The mental state of a female who FEELS the inner MALE is a topic for psychiatrists - not biologists. My precious niece at the age of 21 became trans-gendered. My brother and I love her and respect her wish to be called by a more male name now.

 But we are sad to think that she is victim of venal quack American psychiatry and a surgeon with no conscience.
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If my niece were REALLY a man, why prescribe MALE hormones for her ? Why mutilate her sexual organs ?

By the way, for centuries the CHRISTIAN gospel has instructed the faithful to love and care for DIFFERENT people, the " stranger " - and long before militant " identity politics."

What Radical Ron really hates is ILLIBERAL LIBERALISM

Some New England Jews, Wary Of U.S. Politics, Reclaim German Citizenship

Ron Ruggieri
I have been studying a little German lately. But not to familiarize myself with the complete speeches of Adolph Hitler. The devil , you say ?

What I really hate is ILLIBERAL LIBERALISM and phony pseudo-liberal Democrats. I love communist / socialist Jews , modest, polite gays and good Catholic women. I do not lose any sleep over what restrooms should be made available to the transgender people. Most American homes have NEUTRAL- WELCOME bathrooms.
I have a quarrel with Zionist Jews who have betrayed socialist internationalism. Read Irving Howe's book " World of Our Fathers ". Howe was a lifelong socialist with at least a CRITICAL attitude toward Zionism.

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Pseudo-Left hysteria toward the NRA

Trump To Be First Sitting President Since Reagan To Address NRA

An hysterical attitude toward the NRA and " gun madness " has been encouraged by the pseudo-Left. Hillary Clinton, who had no quarrel with a trillion dollar investment in upgrading the nuclear arsenal of US imperialism, was seen as the arch-enemy of the NRA.

In truth, law abiding " middle class " Americans want to " save the middle class " - threatened by the social chaos of decaying capitalism - by protecting what little- hard earned- property they possess with demonstrably effective personal weapons.

The neo-Democrat concept of gun control is to give the state and the police a monopoly on weapons.
In a SANE SOCIETY( socialist ) nobody will feel the need for the " protection " of murder weapons. Not even atomic bombs !