Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Trump Heads To Arizona To Push Border Wall Funding, Rally Supporters

Speaking as a democratic socialist - not in the least interested in irrational violence ( and for frivolous causes ) - I think that the mainstream news media's HATE TRUMP campaign is just as groundless as its HATE RUSSIA New McCarthyism campaign. ILLIBERAL LIBERALISM has wandered far from the working class LEFT, from old New Deal coalitions. From Bread & Butter America.

Having been warned that " identity politics " failed the Democratic Party in the 2016 presidential election , what do they do ? They double down on " identity politics ".

Are they determined to bring down every old Confederate monument in the country and thereby immensely improve the lives of working class black people in this country ?

This silliness is no longer obvious to " professional " American journalists .

Our Rhode Island Democrats no more anti-war than the Trump Junta

Letter: David J. Szerlag: Where is the outrage over violence from the left?

No Walter Cronkites around today -to prick the conscience of the ruling class

Discussion on World Socialist Web Site 

Trump’s speech on Afghanistan: The military in command

Good point about decadent bourgeois journalism. I suspect that today - if you have a spark of decency and intellectual integrity- there is no place for you in the mainstream news media. No Walter Cronkites around today - at least to prick the conscience of the ruling class. They don't want to hear it: a world in which THEY are on top is the best of all possible worlds. So " history is bunk " . A whole privileged class trembles before truths self-evident to any soul not polluted by make-a-buck capitalism. I think Trotsky wrote somewhere that even great ART is revolutionary. I am almost finished reading Zola's " Nana " . Zola's French working class of the late 19th century is not much different from the American working class in 2017. Some progress in sexual morality , I guess. A " respectable " French journalist was a big influence on Nana's  " career ".
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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Belligerent US foreign policy and our L-O-V-E scorned

Trump gives military green light to escalate Afghanistan war

Ron Ruggieri

The VOICE of the anti-war movement is less audible than the squeaking of a house mouse. Did the American working class collectively decide on the selecting of all these villainous enemies ? Where did these fiendish enemies ever get the idea that bloody violence is what works ?
Just last week every respectable " liberal " Democrat was calling Trump a Nazi and a KKK type hater. But today they are hardly even critical of his foreign policy. I guess here he is doing the right thing and listening to his " responsible " right wing fascist minded Junta . Nope, not a whiff of Nazism here !
Was the " war on terrorism " meant to be an Orwellian perpetual war -fired up by daily TWO MINUTES HATE at home - hate for all the enemies of the American Way of Life - Trump's way of life ? Hate for all the enemies of plutocratic " democracy " ?

But our military industrial complex is all about promoting L-O-V-E for everybody on earth . Even the Hillary campaign was a melodrama of L-O-V-E scorned. Trust THEM !
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