Monday, October 16, 2017

Must a lawyer be present on dates ? Who makes the first " romantic " or disgusting move ?

I credit old socialists with instructing me -way before the age of " identity politics " - on the social evil of treating women as sex objects, thinking you can POSSESS them both body and soul.
Harvey Weinstein is not atypical of powerful upper class males. There is a lot of hypocrisy here from the voices of bourgeois feminism - who fail to see the roots of sexual abuse in a capitalist " ownership " society.
Long ago socialists exposed bourgeois marriage as a form of legal prostitution. You can find a shelf full of books on divorce in any public library. Browsing them , the reader gets the impression that " it's all about money " and "private property " rights.
Must a lawyer be present on dates ? Who makes the first " romantic " or disgusting move ? Perhaps Charles Darwin can help: " The Descent of Man ". Or the old Kinsey Report.

With or without health insurance try , try to NOT SEE YOUR DOCTOR !

Letter: Zak Mettger: Congress must act on CHIP or kids will suffer

In a rational society you will not need a prescription for " feel good, feel no pain " drugs

Behind the opioid crisis: Republicans and Obama cleared the way for corporate murder

It is good for working class socialist organizations to have a more or less puritanical view on the private use of drugs and alcohol. But hysteria over potentially addicting pain medicine can backfire and add to the misery of hospital patients recovering from surgery. I know a few cases already.
In general the " war on drugs " is a colossal failure. They are making even medical marijuana a bureaucratic hassle.
The police state is no solution for the drug problems of all those made wretched by capitalist exploitation and oppression.
In a rational society you will not need a prescription for " feel good " drugs anymore than you now need a prescription for alcohol. ALL drugs must come with a warning .
Working people with a " life " will be less tempted to spend all day in a drug or alcohol stupor. A socialist society will make getting " high on life " more than a Reader's Digest fantasy. [ In fairness to the Reader's Digest an article titled " I am Joe's Lungs " persuaded me not to smoke a long time ago ) .

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" I Am Joe's Lungs "

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Honest socialists now have H.G. Wells' " World Brain " - the Internet -for economic planning

How the Internet keeps us safe from people like Thomas Friedman  

The Internet -what the late H.G. Wells would today call " The World Brain " - should give honest socialists the greatest confidence in the future of rational economic planning. The most humble working class citizens in the more advanced capitalist countries have as much access to " information " as any Ivy League student researcher or professor just decades ago.

          We need no longer be mystified and bamboozled by esoteric " expert " knowledge. We can quickly clear up OFFICIAL state gibberish.

          And there is now no rational reason why only a tiny minority of the population can have the privilege of an " Ivy League " education.

        Indeed the ruling class - check out the Trump Junta- is looking more and more stupid. And their top generals are not less stupid than the German and French generals who planned the " Horror of Verdun " more than a century ago.

 We do not need yet another war to make the world safe for plutocracy. To be sure, nuclear World War III will be the " war to end all wars ".
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