Friday, April 20, 2018

Newspaper editor W.Littlefield tells Radical Ron " I haven't been bought or sold "

  WHO decides the criteria for HATE speech - secular Zionists ? The New Atheists ? Pro-Hillary Democrats ? Bought and sold newspaper editors ?          
@Ron Ruggieri   I'm a newspaper editor and I haven't been bought or sold. I'm also the moderator on this site.
  • @Ron Ruggieri  I generally go with the Southern Poverty Law Center, which I might add does actually consider this to be a hate group.
  • @wlittlefield Show up at work one day with a VOTE SOCIALIST button. You will quickly learn the limits of FREE SPEECH in capitalist America. Dare to oppose the HATE RUSSIA New McCarthyism and see how fast that gets you promoted. 

@Timothy Sylvia  [  Nothing hateful about DNC based " identity politics " ? Do they find fault with Zionist Apartheid Israel? How many working class Christians think WE should have "a special relationship" with Israel ? Nuclear World War III to make the world safe for RACIST Israel ?]
@Timothy Sylvia   [ The belief in capitalism is ruining the lives of millions of working class people of ALL races, ethnic groups, BOTH sexes.

      Said Black Muslim Malcolm X : "Show me a capitalist and I'll show you a blood sucker ". In a letter to his wife in 1952 Martin Luther King said he was moving against capitalism toward democratic socialism. What does the Southern Poverty Law Center think about that ? ]

@Timothy Sylvia [  Does the very existence of the Catholic Church threaten the happiness of the transgendered? My niece is transgendered . I ask her\ him.
The Catholic Church with KKK sympathies ?]

Democrats preparing a palace coup ?

Democrats Sue Russia, WikiLeaks And Trump Campaign Over Election 'Conspiracy'

Are " liberal " Democrats preparing a palace coup against a LEGAL president ? Coming soon " Seven Days in May " ?

WE THE PEOPLE just say no . Let ELECTIONS change the USA !

Image result for USA and " Seven Days in May "

WHO decides criteria for HATE speech ? Secular Zionists ? The New Atheists ?

No Democrat presidential candidate has ever condemned the death penalty

Democratic socialists oppose the state death penalty not because we imagine some lurking goodness or innocence in depraved murderers . We understand that THE STATE is the state of the capitalist ruling class and THEIR death penalty a tool of the oppressors against the oppressed - which includes thousands of poor and working class individuals imprisoned in the " American Gulag ".

           We commend the Catholic Church for consistently condemning this STATE terrorism. Not a single " liberal " Democratic candidate for president has ever condemned the death penalty.

                  The state death penalty is not less odious than the satanic military industrial complex - admired only by the scoundrels of bellicose " patriotism ".