Thursday, March 23, 2017

The BIG LIE will not defeat incipient fascism in the United States

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The BIG LIE will not defeat incipient fascism in the United States. Who are slobbering over the CIA and the FBI , who are fanning the flames of World War III ? The neo-liberal Democrats with the obscene support of phony " socialists " of the pseudo Left.

Check out the World Socialist Web Site. I am presently a critical supporter of the Socialist Equality Party. I voted for their presidential candidates in the 2016 election.

I was a critical supporter of Bernie Sanders -until he endorsed Hawk Hillary, " Corrupt Hillary ".
From a Roman Catholic background I did not appreciate Hillary Clinton's plans to sabotage the Church from within ( see Wiki Leaks ).

I am also influenced by the pacifism of A.J. Muste.

Let me add that there is not a hint of the spirit of FDR's New Deal in the Hillary Democrats.

Our ruling class is more moral than Russia's ruling class ?

Please explain why our state connected plutocrats are on a higher moral level than the corrupt billionaires who emerged- mysteriously from the Soviet bureaucracy- after the collapse of " communism " in Russia in 1991 ?

We democratic socialists call for real " socialism " in Russia and China. Meanwhile the Hillary Democrats in the USA have evolved into a neo-con, " Hate Russia ", war party- completely out of touch with the American working class.

On the Left we are in the ironic position of defending President Trump against a New McCarthyism smear campaign . To be sure , Trump is NOT an anti-Semite nor a KKK type white racist. He IS a rather typical, arrogant , American ruling class male.
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Betrayed all the way back to CAPITALISM

The root cause of terrorism is the Koran ?

  • The root cause of terrorism is the Koran.
    And, of course, the enablers to these evils, are self-righteous Lefties, like you.
    • Does Terrorism find its base in the Quran?
      Compare with the kind and gentle Old Testament ?
      Well, if that is true, the ONLY cure for terrorism is a Crusade inspired by the Old Testament - which rivals the Koran ( in numerous isolated quotes ) in blood thirsty viciousness. How popular is Jesus with our neo-con Democrats ?

      We have learned nothing from Vietnam ?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

" Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Patch "

We can certainly do something about terrorism but declaring " war " on it suggests an obtuse understanding of world history. People are alike everywhere. They hate oppression and foreign domination. The root of all this terrorism- for decades now- has been the New Colonialism in the Middle East.

        We can end terrorism by ending our own state terrorism on the Islamic people of the Middle East. Pity poor Syria - a whole country in ruins ( thanks to  Hawk Hillary's " love and kindness " ) .

       Nowhere in the Middle East will American soldiers be welcomed as " liberators ". We must co-operate with Russia to restore some stability in the region. Could it just be that Vladimir Putin is more worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize than American President Barack Obama ?

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Yes, people are alike !