Thursday, December 14, 2017

Contempt for religion is no way to defend the higher values of Western Civilization

The so called " liberal " Left has been attacking and mocking religious tradition - especially the Catholic Tradition- here in Rhode Island - for years now. What seems to predominate is a New Atheism contempt for faith in God. It is all very sophomoric and narcissistic. EGO crowds out any belief in a Higher Power- which seems to rescue so many hopeless drug addicts and alcoholics starved for some TRANSCENDENT principle in life.

       Consider the blood chilling news . Literate Brown students might be familiar with the Russian novelist ( good things do come out of Russia ) Dostoevsky's insight : " If God does not exist , then everything is permitted ".

      Contempt for religion is no way to defend the higher values of Western Civilization. No Orthodox Jew will be a disciple of atheist Ayn Rand in politics . Christ's "Sermon on the Mount " impresses them more than Rand's " Virtue of Selfishness ".


Interfaith dinner brings religious dialogue to campus

I hope Net Neutrality is preserved. Free speech and free thought have few friends even in academia nowadays.

RI Drug Deaths Rising: United Health Foundation

I have been reading about how some well known celebrities struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction -often both. Even the " atheists " among them insist that only a Higher Power could finally save them from a hellish abyss on this side of paradise.

       ANY young person who has no higher purpose in life, finds no MEANING in it, is most certainly vulnerable to the drug-alcohol escape .

       I blame both capitalism - which brands you useless when jobless- and a decline in the concept of TRANSCENDENCE in the United States since " The Death of God " was proclaimed on the cover of Time Magazine in that tumultuous year of 60s.

      Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl explained in his classic " Man's Search for Meaning " ( which I first read in 1968 ) that a person can deal with any oppressive situation as long as he or she has a WHY to live.

Blood chilling Evil news might remind the more literate of Dostoevsky's insight : " If God does not exist then everything is permitted . Even murderous nihilism and suicide. Even a final NUCLEAR holocaust.

    Corporate executive women are still CLASS enemies of working women

    GOP Rep. Farenthold Won't Seek Re-Election After Sexual Abuse Charges

    In a capitalist society where just about everything is a FOR SALE commodity it is not surprising that so many FOR SALE politicians treat women on staff as sex objects - to be seduced with POWER if not money. If they are not interested in a sex fling with the creep, they should be, shouldn't they ?
    In general privileged males AND females abuse and humiliate , exploit and oppress the working class " help " male and female,
    Women who achieve power in Corporate America are not lesser enemies of working class women than their male colleagues.

      Sexually harassed working class women need a PROTECTIVE, POSSESSIVE BOY FRIEND

      Lessons of the Alabama election

      It is rather ridiculous for a party to name itself Socialist Worker when it has no faith in the working class to change capitalist society- with its endless wars and economic catastrophes for working people.

        It is not utopian to see clearly that a better social/economic order is possible, that there is an unacceptable amount of misery -preventable misery- in this world.

             Where do working class women go with legitimate fears of sexual harassment at work ? To the New York Times, to corrupt union leaders, to bourgeois prosecutors ? To fascist minded police ?

      Their best friends can only be their working class brothers and sisters. And don't underestimate the power of the English language : HANDS OFF ! My BOYFRIEND will visit you.

      Yes, a " possessive " boyfriend can be an asset -even though socialists frown on "private property " neurosis in personal relationships.