Monday, January 16, 2017

A Democratic Party " rebuilt " by Howard Dean and Bernie Sanders ?

  • [   " We need Howard Dean to return and help with training and organizing "He worked on not only winning votes and boosting turnout but securing them by making sure we had Democratic Secretaries of State in crucial states.and that the voting process was closely observed.
    He left no stone unturned.It seems he was marginalized.He could help Bernie et al with rebuilding the Party. " ]
    •   A Democratic Party " rebuilt " by Bernie Sanders and Howard Dean will bear a remarkable resemblance to the one that Hillary and Bill Clinton  built -based on " identity politics " and being " stronger together " with the CIA, the FBI, the Pentagon, corrupt unions, and " greed is good " Wall St.
       The socialist IDEA is anathema in the USA - the ruling class has banned it. They would give it less status than astrology - which at least has daily column space in major newspapers.

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      USA ruling class " invests " in Astrology

What would Eugene V.Debs think of any Hillary supporter ?

For " socialist " Democrat Bernie Sanders- betrayed by the Hillary Democrats in the DNC - there will be no " political revolution " within the Democratic Party.It is the same old corrupt ruling class controlled party.

 There is a dissonance between these public cries for more social justice and less inequality at home and their Neo-McCarthyism with its belligerence toward Vladimir Putin and post-communist Russia
 The " fake news " and the Orwellian BIG LIE : Putin sabotaged the 2016 presidential election making it ( HOW ? ) possible for Republican Donald Trump to defeat Hawk Hillary Clinton.

 I did not know that Putin was influential and " operative " in those critical Rust Belt states- where Hillary Clinton was hardly even popular.Yet I doubt if capitalist Putin is a champion of the American working class- anymore than billionaire Donald Trump-who prefers to start World War III with China .
The American working class -with no interest in our disastrous and invariably LOSING imperialist wars- has been betrayed by both the Democratic and Republican parties.

Forget about reforming the Democratic Party-now a neo-con war party. It is far better at corrupting the would be reformers-like Bernie Sanders.What would Eugene V Debs think of any Hillary supporter ?

Democrats try to regain momentum
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Sunday, January 15, 2017

" Incentive " did not begin with capitalism

Science teaches that human beings have been living and surviving on this planet for several million years. " Incentive " did not begin with capitalism .

Ancient slavery also gave the slaves " incentive " to work in those cruel gold and silver mines, those fertile fields of wrath: there was always suicide as a way out.

The working class in 2016 is in the same horrible situation as when Frederick Engels wrote about the condition of the English working class way back in 1844.

What " incentive " is there in low wage jobs ? Why should working class people - the vast majority of the nation- love capitalism ? Marx explained all this very well in " The Communist Manifesto " . Later Engels explained their ideology in " Socialism - Utopian and Scientific ".

Also very instructive : " The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State ". And Lenin's classic " The State and Revolution ".

What do all these pseudo-liberal, bourgeois, academic, charlatan scholars offer as a rational explanation for the misery of this world ? They are presently besotted with " identity politics " .

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Science fiction is based on CERTAIN CHANGE in human life based on changes in technology- a very Marxist notion

  •  " Read Stanislaw Lem's "Return from the Stars" to understand what a hell a society like that would be. "
    • You think a society without a privileged class would be a hell for everybody else ?

       Does Science make any claim for an eternal human nature that can only thrive under an eternal capitalism ?

       Science fiction is all about CERTAIN CHANGE in the social order based on changes in technology ( a very Marxist notion ).

       Even Stephen Hawking speculated a while back that the extreme use of robots would demand an end to capitalism.

      Since the collapse of the Soviet Union a generation ago second rate intellects have babbled about the " end of history ".

       Social thought does not culminate in Ayn Rand and " Atlas Shrugged"
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