Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Brown students encounter " disturbing " criticism of the capitalist way of life

Criticism of capitalism - a traumatic, unexpected experience for the average Brown student ? How many A+ scholars never encounter any serious, passionate criticism of capitalism in their whole academic careers ?

 As Karl Marx explained : " the ruling ideas are the ideas of the ruling class ".
Nope, nothing that " Wall St. Hillary " can't fix. Above all save the ruling class !

Visiting production critiques capitalism

Socialist comment on first presidential debate : Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump

" There was not the slightest intellectual substance or reasoned political content to the so-called “debate.” No topic was addressed with either intelligence or honesty. Both candidates lied without effort or shame, slinging insults and prepared one-liners against each other while posturing as advocates of working people. "

       Just a quote on last night's debate from the World Socialist Web Site. I agree. Clearly, Hillary Clinton is the darling of Establishment USA. The right wing nationalist Donald Trump has aroused significant -misguided- working class support.

 Hillary Clinton 's stock in trade is this effete, intellectually bankrupt " identity politics ". While the Hillary Democrats smear Republican Trump as a racist and bigot they never stop pandering to race and gender.

    The whole purpose of neo-liberal " identity politics " is to dull class consciousness and give American capitalist society a veneer of concern for social justice.

          As if imperialist war and class oppression can continue without arousing racial and ethnic hatred. The real American political crisis will come the day after the next president takes office : a very divided America.   [

Clinton-Trump debate: A degrading spectacle
By Patrick Martin, 27 September 2016
The 90-minute exercise in reaction and backwardness was an indictment not only of the candidates, but also of the political system that produced them. ]

     A degrading spectacle

    Monday, September 26, 2016

    Tonight - expect only presidential campaign drivel in the Hillary vs. Trump televised debate

    Hillary vs. Trump has been the most intellectually bankrupt presidential campaign in your lifetime.
    Both Trump and Hillary are devoted servants of the ONE PERCENT. Hillary has publicly scorned working class people. But Establishment USA supports her- Wall St. , the Pentagon, the CIA, the FBI, corrupt pseudo-left intellectuals, corrupt union leaders, corrupt " liberal " journalists.
     Vladimir Putin is right to see Hillary-not " make a deal " Trump- as the face of World War III.

                 While shamelessly calling Donald Trump a racist and a bigot ( where is the record of his deeds- not words ? ) , Hillary never stops pandering to race and gender.
     The New Colonialism in the Middle East - under the phony cover of a war on terrorism- is the root of Islamophobia in America - not Donald Trump .
     Also Hawk Hillary has reinvented herself as a disciple of the Social Gospel- after sabotaging the Bernie Sanders " political revolution ?.

                     The anti-establishment voters will elect this Queen of the Status Quo ? Trump is actually the lesser evil.

                     Vote your conscience. Vote your CLASS interests. Vote socialist.

    Image result for Great debate tonight, Hillary and Trump
    Will it change minds ?

    NPR writer calls Jill Stein a " peacenik " - with contempt ? ( NPR columnist )

      " Do you really believe there is no difference between Clinton and Trump ? " ( NPR

    There is indeed a difference between arsenic and cyanide. No doctor will prescribe either to a sick patient not suicidal . " Peacenik Stein " ? In just a few months the Hillary Democrats have evolved into a neo-con War Party, the kind mocked by anti-imperialist American author Mark Twain more than a century ago.

        Establishment USA supports Hawk Hillary ? Showing disdain for working class people, Clinton will lose here in Rhode Island- even with the enthusiastic support of " Wall St. Gina " for " Wall St. Hillary ". It was no accident that Hillary was humiliated here by " socialist " Democrat Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary last April. The neo-Democrats are waging class war on the common people. Ask them !

        Never Hillary ! Not for nothing Russia's Vladimir Putin sees her -not Trump -as the face of World War III.