Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Cranston Republican Mayor Fung no worse than Democrat Michael Sepe

  • The mayor of Cranston -Republican or Democrat - is constrained by a budget that is limited by routine capitalist economics .

     Mayor Fung- a Trump supporter- has no quarrel with this system but neither do the Cranston Democrats and Michael Sepe- a Hillary Clinton supporter.

     This is true of every major city in Rhode Island : no mayor can rise above budget limits decided by the ruling class as a whole.

    It helps, of course, not to be personally corrupt. Given this reality, I recall voting for Republican Mayor Fung simply because a few years ago nobody in my Knightsville had anything bad to say about him.

    That great Rhode Island Democratic machine is very self-serving and rarely serves the interests of ordinary working class people.

    Right wing nationalist Donald Trump does get a few things right : " The system is rigged ".
    Image result for cranston mayor allan fung
    Cranston Mayor Fung

Yes, I prefer traditional Catholicism to Christopher Hitchens' New Atheism and the pseudo-Left

Real democratic socialists warn the working class-which naturally includes millions of devout Catholics - not to vote for class enemy politicians -like Hawk Hillary, Wall St. Hillary .They do not divide the working class by waging war on mere faith in the manner of Ayn Rand on the right and the New Atheists on the pseudo-left.

Don't pretend that Hillary Clinton is motivated and inspired by the Social Gospel. She is no Eleanor Roosevelt. The neo-Democrats left the New Deal behind in the Jimmy Carter years.

Hillary Clinton even supports the racist death penalty. Does Pope Francis ? Does Pope Francis praise the values of Wall St. capitalism ?

Yes, I do prefer traditional Catholicism to Christopher Hitchens and his " God is Not Great.... why religion poisons everything" . The New Atheists support Hillary Clinton and Zionist inspired Islamophobia. At least Bernie Sanders -for a while- did not suck up to the Israel lobby- not very popular on the left.

I see nothing " ineffectual " about the telling the truth and class based politics. By the way, both Sanders and Jill Stein are from a Jewish background. So was Leon Trotsky !

Monday, October 24, 2016

The nuclear family under capitalism is breeding despair

" Why my wife killed her baby and herself "

  • There is lacking here a sociological perspective on depression in mothers with young children.

     The nuclear family is now a strained and pained ,atomized and isolated, social and economic unit. A more communal, extended family would be more conducive to the mental health of mothers in high anxiety states.

     Capitalist society pushes " individualism " and " independence " to an insane extreme.And corrupt psychiatry promotes this status quo as if it were some absolute " norm " for human social life.

    So many sad stories of disturbed individuals " falling through the cracks ".

A most undemocratic American " democracy "

  •    " Maybe I will go vote so I don't have to follow this stupid election anymore. "
    • Here in Rhode Island you must look hard for working class voters all excited about Hawk Hillary, Wall St. Hillary, Queen of the Status Quo Hillary Clinton. 
      " Socialist " Democrat Bernie Sanders humiliated the Clinton machine in the primary. Working Class voters have no more reason to go to the polls to vote for Hillary than they have to vote for her pal Gina Raimondo - who is leading the attacks on the working class, the elderly , and the poor in Rhode Island.She fires social workers and replaces them with dysfunctional computers.

      What if the voter turn out is so low that there arises a question of constitutional " legitimacy " ? The American ruling class now- above all- fears the fundamental principle of populism - left or right : respect for majority rule.