Thursday, June 21, 2018

Is " revolutionary socialist " West Pointer Spenser Rapone the real thing ?

Does any reader of the World Socialist Web Site have an opinion on this West Point graduate Spenser Rapone who seemed to have a " COMMUNISM WILL WIN " epiphany ( an inside his hat sign ) . The U.S. Army has just given him an
 " other than honorable discharge ".

" He went on-line to advocate for a socialist revolution... " the Army said.

Said the 26 year old Rapone : " I consider myself a revolutionary socialist " .

I suspect that even if Rapone were just a Bernie Sanders " socialist " the Army would have disciplined him for the advocating the very IDEA of socialism - which is anathema in the U.S. military.

I reserve judgment on young Spenser Rapone. But one thing is certain : come THE REVOLUTION the Army will crack just as the Czar's army during the 1917 uprising in Russia.

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Spenser Rapone and a socialist epiphany 

  • American ruling class hostile to FREE SPEECH rights

    'White Civil Rights Rally' Approved For D.C. In August

    It is impossible to proceed in Science or in any other human activity without having access to ALL sides of a question. Just WHO decides the criteria for " hate " speech - the self-appointed voices of THE OFFENDED ONES ?
    The DNC based " identity politics " hardly rises above a vicious KNOW NOTHING tone. When FREE SPEECH is smothered political debate becomes just biased nonsense.
    The FEAR of free speech is a sign of intellectual weakness and emotional insecurity. Do you think that the ruling class controlled mainstream news media is seriously concerned about FREE SPEECH rights ?
    For months the World Socialist Web Site has been speaking out against the plutocracy's conspiracy against FREE SPEECH on the Internet. And many on-line newspapers are ending COMMENT liberties - like the Providence Journal with a sardonic false invitation to " JOIN THE CONVERSATION " after the company ended THE CONVERSATION.
    For reasons never given " Radical Ron " has been BANNED FROM THE BROWN DAILY HERALD . If I make a reference to my blog address ANYWHERE , the COMMENT is " DETECTED AS SPAM ". Of course, no Brown University " liberal " here will lose any sleep over that.
    " Democracy in America " - still worth dying for ?

    The real FLAW of President Donald Trump- he too well represents the American plutocracy

    'White Civil Rights Rally' Approved For D.C. In August

    Fascism as it existed in Germany in the 1930s with the rise of Adolph Hitler will never get anywhere in the United States - there is just no cultural, racial ,or ethnic basis for it.

          Ironically what CAN HAPPEN HERE is an ALL-American brand of fascism based on toxic nationalism , the " America is special " mentality, the AMERICA FIRST mentality.

          And ironically it is the " liberal " Democrats with their HATE RUSSIA, New McCarthyism mentality that is feeding " politically correct " fascism in the USA.

           On the so called Left there has been a shocking decline in respect for the also ALL-AMERICAN free speech tradition. The colleges and universities are just horrible here.

                    It is ludicrous for working class Americans to cling to WHITE PRIVILEGE - which is a fantasy of " identity politics ".

             Only a Labor Party based on the UNITY of the working class can stop a fascist movement serving the American plutocracy .

     Donald Trump's FLAW is that presently he too well represents this plutocracy. " You see, THAT guy ? That is what THEY are like ! "

    It does help socialists to sound HUMAN when building a mass movement

    The death of Ed Sadlowski and the demise of trade union reformism

    It does help to sound human when building a mass movement. Which of my " emotional needs " are on display here ? The American working class can only benefit from the spirit of Malcolm X.

         My favorite Malcolm X quote : " Show me a capitalist and I'll show you a blood sucker ".

           I know too many " socialists " who can't even TALK to working class people. BEING working class, I don't have that problem - for all my revolutionary flaws.

                      Radical Ron gets a mini-lecture from fellow socialist " made of sterner stuff ".

    [  " Working class consciousness can only derived by their activities. Please restrain your idealism. Anecdotal logic is subjective and completely useless for the Working class. It causes us to see what we emotionally need to see. I am not insensitive to your emotional needs but those who influence other workers must be made of sterner stuff."]